Destress to Refresh

Ever since going to college, stress has expanded to a whole new dimension as a result of an incredibly busy schedule, including classes and work all while trying to maintain a social life. This fast paced lifestyle has left me feeling extremely overwhelmed at times, and has forced to me to find new ways to deal with my stress so that I can keep chugging along. Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, stress is most-likely showing up somewhere. With this, I have recently started doing some things that have helped me to relax, if even just for a few minutes, in this busy world – and they might help you be able to do the same!

Listening to Podcasts 


For a long time I frowned upon podcast because if I was going to be listening to something, it was going to be music. However, since trying out my first one recently I have become very fond of them. Whether I’m cleaning my room or walking to class, its like I’m listening to a friend talk about the everyday ins and outs of life, and its very relaxing and encouraging as I go about my days.

Here are some podcasts I’ve been listening to lately:

Think & Thin & I’m Tired



I also used to frown upon yoga until I finally tried it after my mom had been begging me to do it with her for years. I also thought this was a waste of time because I’m more of a cardio person myself, but then I realized it wasn’t just about gaining strength and burning calories, its about taking time for yourself and truly focusing on your breath.

I never realized how important it was to take big deep breaths to get in touch with your body, and I was shocked by how relaxing this practice really was and still is. I have been doing yoga in my dorm room and following a 30-day yoga challenge on YouTube – perfect for beginners. After a long day this really helps me to slow down and intentionally release all of my physical stress.

Here is an amazing, free yoga channel on YouTube. I encourage you to try it and discover the wonders it does for your body and soul.


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I’ve always tired to keep a daily journal, and normally end up doing it for a few days at the beginning of each year and then not picking it up again until the following year, but a friend suggested that I really try to journal more often. Getting all of your thoughts out on paper, or just reflecting on your day is so beneficial for your mental health.

Often times we bottle up feelings and thoughts, and don’t want to share them with others. However, we can only hold some much before we reach a breaking point, thus where the journal comes into place and serves as a form of releasing those thoughts and feelings from pen to paper.

While I don’t get to journaling every single day, I still try to reflect a few times a week, writing out the positives and negatives of my day or whatever I can’t seem to get off my mind. It’s also neat to go back and see growth or change throughout time. I encourage you to take some time for yourself to put all of those bottled up thoughts and feeling onto paper – it’s refreshing.

Spending Time with People 

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While I admire my alone time, I also crave human interaction. I love spending time with my friends and family and just doing life with others. While alone time is important, so is talking with people, catching up on life, sharing experiences, and much more. It’s so important to build relationships and have people that will be there for you through the good times and the bad times.

I try my best to get together and talk with friends and family often. Don’t forget to check in on people and do something fun with friends. We are all going through things, and its better to go through them together than alone.

Personal Quiet Time 

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Quiet time for me might look different from quiet time for somebody else, but I have intentionally been taking time in the mornings to brew a cup of coffee and read a devotional to start off my day.

Many times my mornings have been rushed, but when I do this, I wake up slowly and get fueled by words of truth for the day. I recently got a devotional called The Confident Woman, as I am working on building my confidence through who I am in Christ, and each day as I read it I’m rejuvenated with reminders that I have been blessed with so much, and that I am truly loved. Reading words of wisdom each morning have impacted how I feel as I start my day, and keep me going throughout the day – along with help from the coffee of course.

I’ve also been reading some books, Am I Enough? and Girl, Wash Your Face. These books have been great in encouraging me to embrace who I really am, not who the world tells me to be. Whatever quiet time may be for you, I encourage you to take at least a few minutes at the start of your day for yourself – it’ll kickstart your day in the best way!

All in all, there are more ways to relax and refresh besides just taking a nap or doing a face mask. While I do love both of those things, investing into myself, my body, my mind, and much more gives me the opportunity to GROW and become the best version of me, and this year that is what I am focusing on. I hope these things I’ve shared can also provide you with rejuvenating moments and allow you to grow as well in 2019 and beyond!



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