How is it possible that I have already been in college for a whole semester. I swear I just moved to Ball State what feels like a week ago.

With having finished my first semester, I can say that college is as great as it is challenging. I wanted to get on here and share my experience thus far on my college journey and give you a little inside as to what has been going on in my life.


This semester I was so blessed to have good classes with great professors. I was not expecting my first semester to be as easy as it was. Maybe I just wasn’t taking challenging courses to start, but I was able to do well in all of my classes and keep up with the work that I was given. Sure I had to put in a lot of study time and still work hard, but I was equipped for the job. While almost all of my class were general education credits I had to take to graduate, I got to take one Intro to Journalism course that I really enjoyed, and it truly reassured me that the path I wanted to take was Advertising! I am looking forward to taking several more classes dealing with my major next semester, and I’m excited to continue learning how I can create powerful and moving messages.



I am thrilled to be working at the McKinley Avenue Agency, which is a student-run advertising agency on Ball State’s campus, as a freshman. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity so early on in my career! I can truly say that my PR team co-workers are family and have helped me transition into college tremendously as well as helping me improve my professional skills. I work as the PR Associate at the agency. Basically that means I run social media accounts, create strategic communication plans, and collaborate when planning interactive events or contests for students across campus. This job has been such a great way for me to meet people and gain experience early on in my time here at Ball State, and I cannot wait to start back next semester!


Social Life:

This is the part where I have struggled the most. It’s hard to be honest about topics like this, and its easy to portray that everything is perfect and blissful, but sometimes its not, and I feel like its important for me be authentic in order for me to grow. Socially, this semester was hard for me. I had this idea in my head that I would go to college and find “my people” immediately, and for me that just wasn’t the case. For the past 19 years I had grown up with the same people, knew who my friends were, and never really had to put myself out there. I’m not an extremely outgoing person, so for me the idea of going to a place where I knew very few people was kind of terrifying, but I tried to go into it with an open mind. I feel like I have lots of friends in different places on campus, and I am so incredibly thankful for the people I have met and have been able to connect with, but its still hard sometimes. A dorm room can kind of be an isolating place, and being a homebody and not liking to be alone for long periods of time played into that feeling. Some days I would call my mom crying because I was at such a low point and felt like I had nothing going for me, and was upset that I didn’t have this perfect group of friends already. More than anything I think I just missed simple things like hugs and the comfort of my own bed and family back home. I’m not saying I was miserable 24/7, but I did have some low moments and I’m still trying to figure out where my place is at college, and who I’m supposed to be spending my time with, but I’m only one semester in and I have this feeling that this next semester is going to really be something great! I’m looking forward to hopefully meeting some new friends while continuing to grow other relationships that I’ve already made!

Being home for the holidays has allowed me to click refresh and spend time with those I’m closest to, but it has also reminded me that this is just the beginning, and there is so much more to come. More opportunities to be had and more people to meet and connect with, and for that I am so excited and grateful for!


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